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Junior Police Camp

June 23, 2012

The purpose of the Leesburg Police Department Annual  Junior Police Camp is to provide law enforcement education for future outstanding citizens. School Resource Officers, department staff and Law Enforcement Explorers serve as instructors, focusing on team building, leadership, conflict resolution, character education and  physical fitness. Juvenile law and police procedures such as finger printing, accident investigation and evidence collection are also covered.

Participants have the opportunity to go on several field trips. Participants may visit  locations such as the Loudoun County Courthouse, the Magistrate’s office, the Crime and Punishment Museum, the Law Enforcement Memorial  and a Ropes and Initiatives Course.

There is no fee for the Junior Police Camp.   There is a limit as to how many youth can attend a session.  All youth interested in participating in the camp must complete an application and turn it in before the assigned due date.

All applications are reviewed and those accepted to the program are notified.  TURNING IN AN APPLICATION DOES NOT guarantee ACCEPTANCE IN THE JUNIOR POLICE CAMP.  Youth who have attended the camp in previous years are not eligible to attend. Youth accepted into the program are responsible for bringing a bag lunch each day of camp. Participants will receive a Junior Police Camp shirt and will be required to wear this shirt while attending camp, no exceptions! Campers will also be provided with hydration systems to help them stay hydrated during more strenuous activities.

Leesburg Police Junior Police Camp    7/9/2012 – 7/20/2012
Leesburg Police Junior Police Camp    7/23/2012 – 8/3/2012
KIDSMART SAFETY CAMP    8/6/2012 – 8/10/2012 10 AM – 2 pm

Click here for more information for the 2012 Camp Sessions.

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