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Free: Einstein Alive!

April 9, 2012

Celebrate “National Library Week” with a very special performance by Marc Spiegel. In “Einstein Alive!” Marc becomes a warm, vivid and uncannily realistic Albert Einstein  appealing to children and adults of all ages.

Einstein Alive is a school assembly program that blends science, history and entertainment. Among other accolades, it has been called “a marvelous science presentation,” explaining “complicated theories in an age-appropriate and extremely entertaining way.”

The show successfully introduces the Theory of Relativity to middle school students, and is also able to present the subject in such an entertaining and engaging fashion that it captivates elementary grade students (and the adults in the audience) as well.

Elementary students as young as kindergarten will clearly understand…
• what the term relative means
• how relativity relates to motion
• how things move and what friction is
• the importance of curiosity and determination
• the great contributions of Einstein to science

Event at 2 p.m., Potomac Community Library, 2201 Opitz Blvd., Woodbridge. Please pick up a free ticket for this program beginning March 31. Each person attending must have a ticket. Limit 125. This event is for grades K–6 and their families.

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