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Dear Bedtime By Ginger

March 23, 2012

dear bedtime
By Ginger
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dear bedtime,


i thought we were cool. i thought we had an understanding. i thought we had a give and take relationship. i give you the kid and you take him to sleep. lately, you have been giving me a headache and taking all of my time.

what happened? why the sudden change of heart? did i do something? was it something i said?

i want to go back to the old days. i remember when i would announce to my son that it was time for you and he would give me a little fight. i would make up for it with a few stories and then i would hold him and rock him gently to a place of peace. he would eventually succumb to his exhaustion, give me a little kiss, and go right to bed.

now it is a full on fight. you have become the song that never ends. bedtime is the continual flow of one more this and one more that. a girl can only take so much and i reach my limit after the first hour passes.

yes bedtime, you heard me correctly. you are consuming over an hour of my time. i appreciate you allowing me extra time with my landon. i truly enjoy his company but i need my sleep too. i need the kind of sleep that does not involve laying on a car rug and resting my head on a lightning mcqueen pillowcase.

the whole ordeal is just getting old and we need to go back to the way it was. i’m sorry if i have offended you in any way in the past. you are wonderful. you make me smile. i count down to your arrival every day. please never doubt my love for you.




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