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What a perfect day to visit Clemyjontri Park!

March 14, 2012

Some of you are very familiar with this large, unique park. Those who aren’t have at least heard about it! Clemyjontri is an all-abilities playground. It features widely-spaced playground equipment on a firm foam-like ground setting. It is specifically designed for children who use wheelchairs, walkers or braces, or who have sensory or developmental disabilities. However, it is open to the public and children of all abilities!

The park is huge — the kids will not get bored. In addition to the plethora of playground equipment, it features benches throughout, a covered pavilion with picnic tables, an on-site (clean!) bathroom and a carousel (not open until March 31st). It has a large parking area, but on nice days it often fills up fast. Beware that mom who has been waiting and waiting for that spot! An overflow parking lot is available across the street, about a 5 minute walk.

Although the playground is great, and I love it now that my kids are older and I can let them play independently away from me, for a mom chasing more than one it can be a little overwhelming. I have have seen my fair share of hysterical moms running through the park trying to find their preschooler who has wandered off. But, us moms are organized and children are found fast. I’d highly recommend going with a friend so you can split up as needed to find wayward toddlers and take bathroom breaks. And, don’t forget a picnic lunch! If all the tables in the pavilion are full, there is plenty of grassy areas to lay down a blanket.

The park is located at 6317 Georgetown Pike, McLean, Virginia 22101. It is open daily 7 am to dusk and the Carousel is open seasonally as weather permits. Overflow Parking available at Langley Fork Park, 6250 Georgetown Pike (1/4 mile), McLean.

Per the Web site:

CLEMYJONTRI PARK features a unique playground where children of all abilities can play side-by-side. It is a playground where every child is welcome.

This park is a place where children who use wheelchairs, walkers or braces, or who have sensory or developmental disabilities, can have a parallel playground experience of fun and exploration. At CLEMYJONTRI….

* Ramps connect structures
* Swings have high backs, arm rests and special safety features
* Rubber surfacing allows wheelchairs to roll easily
* Lowered monkey bars provide easy access
* Equipment is designed to be sensory rich so all children can participate with peers
* Wider openings allows easy access to play structures

Other features include a carousel and a picnic pavilion. The entrance road leads to an 81-space parking area and a drop-off zone for vehicles whose passengers need close access. Future development will incude other amenities in the surrounding 10 acres of space.

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